The Process

You don't have to wait 12 months to 3 years to get your book published. You don't have to give most of your book's revenue to a big publisher. You don't even need to give money to an agent. You don't need to pay thousands of dollars for thousands of books that may sit in your garage or spare bedroom for years. Self publish and do it smart.

Once your book is selling on,,, Google Play and other sales venues, you will be a published author. No one can say where it will go from there, and no self-publisher or traditional publisher can guarantee or promise success. You may take solace in the fact that just a few people have benefitted from your words or you may be surprised when many people buy your book. Either way the investment you make in self-publishing your book (whether time, money or both) is an investment and like other investments may or may not pay out in the end. But what you will have for certain is 25 professionally produced paperback copies of your book in your hands (if you buy the Paperback Package). This is many more Author Copies than any other self-publisher at our price level. If you buy the E-Book-only Package you will have copies of your epub and mobi Files to read and give to friends and relatives to use on their Kindles, Nooks and iPads.

Holmes House Press publishes fiction including: Novels, Literary Fiction, Spiritual, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Thrillers, Poetry, and publishes Nonfiction Books including: Conservative Politics, Spiritual, History, Biography, Business, Science, Health, Paranormal, etc.



For all books Holmes House Press publishes, please imagine that if the book were a movie it would either be PG or PG-13. So no Erotica, no "F" Words, no "N" Words, limited mild swearing, etc. There are plenty of publishers and self-publishers out there putting out garbage, negativity and hate (actually filling bookstores and libraries with it!). We seek to be a source of good, enjoyable content, and truth and light.

For now we offer only paperback book format and e-book format. Books that can be published in black and white (with few illustrations) and at standard print sizes are accepted. This simplifies things and keeps our costs and prices down.

First time and published authors accepted. No agent necessary! Not all books sent to Holmes House Press will be accepted for publication. The book needs to be carefully and professionally written and be something that would result in at least some sales.

Books must be professionally edited prior to sending to Holmes House Press. If your book is not professionally edited it can be edited by us for from 500 to 1000 dollars depending on manuscript length and complexity (in addition to Package Price below).