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You don't have to wait 12 months to 3 years to get your book published. You don't have to give most of your royalties to a big publisher. You don't even need to give money to an agent. You don't need to pay thousands of dollars for thousands of books that may sit in your garage or spare bedroom for years. Self publish and do it smart.

We make the process of getting your work out there easy. Sure, it's possible to self-publish a book by yourself, and if you have the Publishing, Writing, Editing, Design and Distribution knowledge you are encouraged to do it. But for those people who want to avoid the hassle of the many details and problems associated with publishing a book, we will do all the work for you and you will reap the benefits. We want to help the people publish who need our experienced help. Compare costs and services with other self-publishers and you will see that you get more for your money at Holmes House Press.

It is because we are so selective (as to content) and because the books we publish are professionally edited and proofread that our books are of fine quality, especially when compared with other self-publishers.

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The Chipmunks' New Neighbors - NEW CHILDREN'S BOOK (Hardcover)

The Chipmunks' New Neighbors a new book by Brian M. Holmes and illustrator Erin Holmes is available today!

Mr. and Mrs. Chipmunk don’t exactly roll out the welcome mat for their new neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Robin. In fact, things in the evergreen bush this spring are very difficult between the two families. This is a story about change, [...]



Authored by Allen Li

Expanded Second Edition

Securitization is a beneficial financial practice developed in the 1960s. Securitization in the Investment Marketplace discusses how securitization products were developed in the United States, and what the current status of these products are in the capital market in the wake of the financial crisis of 2007-2009. The book is filled with new charts, [...]

What Are You Crying About?

What Are You Crying About? Defeating Grief for Christians (and Other Believers) Grief sabotages happy, productive lives. Some grievers waste months or years of their lives in crippling grief which sidetracks them from school, career, positive and healthy parenting, or other fruitful endeavors. People mired in extreme grief may become sick, angry, vengeful and may even take their own lives. It doesn't have to be this way.

Sadness when someone leaves [...]

We exist to help authors "get their work out there." After that, anything can happen!